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Privacy policy


Minimum renting period is one day or 24h (only for automobiles) Тolerance of delay is 30 minutes. After the time for tolerance, the client will be charged for another 24h, according to the price list. 
We are not charging deposit to rent a car, but in case of damage the client is obliged to cooperate with the agent of Rent a Car “Escape” and to pay all expenses that are not covered by insurance.

Returning the vehicle

Upon returning the car by the client, an authorized employee of the company inspects the car, and if he finds losses and damages caused by Renter’s fault and not covered by the insurance policy, the amount due is deducted on the same place. 
Vehicles for rent are all with a full tank, and the client is obliged to fill the car with fuel before returning to the agency. 
If the renter needs a contract extension, he need to renew it at least 3 hours before the expiry of the contract concluded between him and “Rent a Car Escape”. The renter is obliged to notify the agent of “Rent a Car Escape” with the number of contract and obtain the consent of the agent. In the case of arbitrariness, on the expiry of the contract the agent reports the vehicle as stolen.

Full insurance

Full insurance doesn’t include damage to interior, undercarriage of the vehicle, internal mirrors and tires.

In case of accident:

First thing to do is call our telephone numbers which are written on the contract.Then call the Police (Tel: +389 192) and ask them to come and make evidence protocol. We will need this protocol as a prove. If there is no such protocol the insurance of third part is not valid!

Very important !

Damage insurance is not valid in the following cases: 
The car is driven after alcohol or drugs. 
In case of accident or damage no police report for insurance occurrence is presented upon returning the car. 
Renter has allowed another person not authorized in the Contract or not having a driver’s license to drive the car. The car tires are damaged not as a result of fire or car accident. And if the tires and undercarriage are damaged by driving on the rocky road.

Note !

Please make sure you read carefully and understand everything from the contract. For any questions, please ask the company representative to explain in detail. 
Responsible for any dispute is the main Court of Ohrid, N.Macedonia

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