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Terms and Conditions

• Driving License: Driver must to have a license at least 2 (two) years.
• Minimum age: Driver must be minimum 21 years old.

The rented car may be driven only by the persons entered in and authorized by the Rental Contract. We do not charge extra for second driver, but require customer to inform us if there will be other driver, so we can put the on the rental contract. The cars available for renting are well maintained and kept in very good technical condition,but if there is a problem with the vehicle the renter must first contact the agency on the telephone number he received on the day of rental vehicle If the problem is minor and the car is moving we may ask the client to drive it to the first available garage on the road to fix the problem. At the end of the renting period the client has to ask the present an invoice from the garage and we will refund the amount spent for the repair. If a big technical problem appears we will send immediately our service truck with another similar car to change the broken one.

In case of major damage by the renter, agent employee of “TD.ENITAJM 08 Doo” will assess whether to issue another vehicle or the renter will return the rest of the cash paid for unused days. If the renter fails to comply with the signed agreement and steer the vehicle inappropriately towards prescribed conditions, the agent employed in “TD.ENITAJM 08 Doo” has the right to strip the vehicle renter on site with the explanation ‘Unscrupulous management and vehicle Rampage’ 

Personal insurance includes insurance of the driver and passengers in the vehicle under the conditions of the insurance company

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